Party Bus Hire Brighton

Thinking of hiring a party bus in Brighton? Allow us to help.

At party bus hire we are Brightonís largest supplier of luxury transport, boasting over twenty years of experience chauffeuring the people of the area to, from and around the city. Having such a long standing reputation in the area means we know our stuff when it comes to transport, now existing as a heavily-relied upon company in Brighton.

Whether you are looking for transport to a wedding, hen, stag, airport or a business event in Brighton, we have the resources to make this occasion one to remember, offering vehicles that encourage happy memories.

Vehicles beyond comparison

We have been working on our fleet of party buses for over twenty years, frequently adding to our collection operating in Brighton. Due to our always-in-development approach we now showcase the largest range of luxury vehicles in the area, allowing us to cater to a wealth of occasions and party sizes.

Being named Ďthe nationís best party bus providerí by UK brokerage Limo Broker illustrates our personality as a company, always striving to better our service and satisfy our customers. You only have to read our reviews to see what they think!

Turning the mundane into extraordinary

Traveling is notoriously boring; with trips to and from chosen destinations really being the low point at prolific events. At Party Bus Hire we work to take the boredom out of transport, offering vehicles that bring excitement with every turn of the wheel.

Fitted with high-tech features the party bus is a stand-alone vehicle, incorporating modern needs into its interior. From flat screen televisions and music systems to Champaign fridges and luxury interior, passengers are made to feel like royalty when stepping aboard a party bus.

New editions

We have recently made a large investment into an assortment of new models, adding a new range of brand new buses to our fleet. Purchasing a number of Starline limo buses means we are one of the only companies in the nation to offer this exclusive vehicle for hire, with just a handful of operators possessing one.

Book your party bus today!

Whether you want to hire a traditional party bus in Brighton or would like to learn more about the Starline limo bus, call us today and speak with an expert transport consultant.