Party buses: All the colours of the rainbow

At party bus hire we like to think of ourselves as the UK’s one stop shop for luxury transport services, helping the nation plan exciting events devoid of fuss. With such a long-standing reputation we now offer vehicles for all types of events including birthdays, weddings, business trips, airport transfers, proms and much more.

Over the years we have made a name for ourselves for our eclectic collection, sporting an array of specifications in various colours. With colours often playing a huge role in the image a vehicle conveys we understand the necessity to promote a whole colour pallet, ensuring we can cater to everyone’s needs and tastes.


Our black party buses are most commonly used for corporate events and affairs, celebrated for their executive style. With setting a tone amongst a business colleague or partner essential a black party bus can be all you need, showing your peers that you mean business.

Most of our black editions mirror the beauty of the exterior inside, fitted with features such as champagne fridges and leather interior.


The white editions within the collection are particularly popular for wedding transportation, with white signifying purity and classiness. Although party buses are not your conventional bridal car they are becoming more and more popular amongst brides and grooms, with the modern couples wanting to show their personality through their big day.


Pink connotes beauty and femininity, with pink party buses highly desired by prom queens and birthday girls. Although it is not unheard of for boys to hire pink party buses they are much more popular amongst our female customers, wanting to celebrate a prolific occasion in style.

Whatever type of party bus you are thinking of hiring be sure to get in touch today and speak with a member of the team. They can partner you with the perfect bus to suit your occasion as well as your budget.