How much is party bus hire?

When shopping for luxury travel it can often feel like the cards are stacked against you, going in blind when making enquiries. With so many companies offering the same service is can be hard to separate the professionals from the cowboys.

Luckily for you we at party bus hire have over twenty years of experience in the industry, boasting a reputation of perfection. Renowned for offering hire packages that exceed expectations it is safe to say we are the best option when looking for luxury vehicle in the UK, only hiring stunning vehicles that impress.

One of the reasons we are so heavily respected is because of our passion for high standard, low cost vehicles, ensuring nobody has to compromise on style as a result of finances.

What is party bus hire based on?

Date and time of hire

Although you would not think date and time would have such a huge bearing on the price quoted it actually does, with the earlier you place you order the better the rate. Obviously during prom and wedding season vehicles like the Starline limo are much in-demand, seeing the prices heighten closer to the summer.

At Party Bus Hire we work round the clock, with our drivers often required during the early hours of the morning. If you are in need of a party bus in the middle of the night then it is understandable why this will cost more than a hire during sociable hours.

Vehicle selected

With so many makes and models in our depot prices fluctuate depending on which vehicle you decide to hire. Where many would think the newer the vehicle the larger the rate this is not always so with some vintage buses a lot more unique than vehicles just off the makeline.

We also run exclusive deals on a constant basis, ensuring we can share our luxury fleet with everyone, whatever their budget.

Receive a free quotation

If you would like to learn more about the price of party bus hire then contact us at the office today. A member of our team will assist in any way they can.